Recipe: Pea seedling fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea seedling fried rice


The spring pea sprouts have a springy scent, very fragrant, especially seasonal!



  1. Put the overnight rice with a spoon and make it as close as possible, so that it is better to fry when fried.

  2. Chop the pea sprouts

  3. Put oil in the pot. The oil is burnt to sixty-seven percent, and the rice is stir-fried. Add a small amount of curry block at this time, taking care not to make the curry taste too strong, and cover the scent of the pea sprouts behind.

  4. After the curry block is completely blended with the rice, add the pea sprouts and stir fry. Season with salt.


Curry is enough for a little scent, too much is completely curry.

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