Recipe: Pea pea soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea pea soup


In Sichuan, almost everyone loves to drink pea soup, and it is very delicious to cook some vegetables, meat or make soup. Today I only talk about how to do this most basic pea soup, very fast ~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: 1. Open the lard under the hot pot and add the ginger to saute

    1. Open the lard under the hot pot and add the ginger to saute

  2. 2. Put the peas in the pot, smash the peas with a shovel, stir well, add the broth and boil, and simmer for a few minutes.

  3. 3. At this time, everyone can put meatballs, vegetables, crispy meat and other ingredients according to their own preferences. After all the ingredients are ripe, they can be seasoned by salting.

  4. 4. Give everyone a look at the long peas


1. I buy ready-made peas in the vegetable market. It is enough for two people to buy a two-dollar meal. If you can't buy ready-made ones, you can search the recipes of homemade peas made by others. 2. Soup is essential, because if the peas are only boiled in water, the taste will be very faint, and it will not show the special aroma of pea peas. It can be used with chicken broth and broth, I can save time and use it directly. The soup of half a chicken soup, because the soup has a salty taste, even the seasoning is saved. The oil can be made with ordinary oil, but the lard is more fragrant. 3. Sichuan's most classic bean soup rice is to put the cooked rice directly into the bean soup and just lick it. If you want to eat the porridge, you can add the pea pea soup together when you simmer the porridge. The pea peas will be completely removed for too long, so be sure to leave some peas and add them in the porridge. 4. What vegetables can be cooked in the bean soup, but the best match is of course the pea tip~

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