Recipe: Pea noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea noodles


When I don't want to cook, I will do all kinds of pasta to adjust. I am a southerner who likes pasta.



  1. The peas were soaked in water the night before, and then cooked in the pot on the second day (the skin began to break, it should be cooked)

  2. Add water to the pot, put the whole washed pork belly, drown until 8 minutes, take out the pork belly, and let the cold water

  3. Cut the pork belly, about 0.5-1cm

  4. Ginger cut ginger, cut the onion, add a little oil in the wok, add oil, heat, add the broccoli, ginger and green onion

  5. Constantly stir fry the diced meat, add the cooking wine and continue to stir fry, stir until the diced meat is slightly golden yellow, add the six must-have dry sauce (dry sauce can be added a little, adjust later) and sugar, stir-fry, put A bowl of water (flat with the meat), taste it after boiling, add a little sauce if it is too light (not too light, it will be salty after burning)

  6. After boiling, turn to low heat for 20 minutes, then taste the taste and turn off the heat.

  7. When stewing the sauce, you can cut the cucumber and carrot, and cut the garlic.

  8. Noodles, you can buy ready-made, then you can start cooking in the 6th step. However, it is recommended to use your own handkerchief, and the sauce is more fragrant. In the second step, you can simultaneously meet the noodles, cold water + flour + salt, the amount of water can be adjusted slightly, and wake up 30 minutes after the face, in the 6th step It’s over.

  9. Remove the noodles, pour the sauce on the noodles, add carrot and cucumber on the surface, and garlic (do not like it), open it.


The most important 2 points: (1) the meat should be fried, more fragrant (2) control the amount of the sauce, not too salty, if the final product is slightly salty, put more cucumber and carrot silk can remedy. For the sauce, it is recommended to use the dried sauce of Liu Biju. If you can't finish the sauce, you can put it in the refrigerator. It is also good to make the toppings when the noodle soup is served.

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