Recipe: Pea minced meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea minced meat


First prepare the material peas, pork, small red sharp peppers, onions, ginger. It's delicious, and it's a very decent dish.



  1. 1, the pork is washed, and the meat is added to the minced meat.

  2. 2, the peas are boiled in boiled light brine and immediately placed in cold water. (Remarks: Adding light salt water is to remove the peas. The cold water is used to prevent the cooked peas from turning yellow, which affects the color of the cooking.)

  3. 3, the pepper is cut into a circle shape, used in the back side dishes. Onion ginger is cut into foam.

  4. 4, pour the oil into the pot, heat into the meat and stir fry, add soy sauce and salt, stir fry.

  5. 5, pour the oil into the pot, add the onion ginger, stir-fry the sauté and put the peas into the peas, stir fry and add the seasoning, then add the minced meat, stir fry, and then add the small red pepper. After the stir fry, stir fry a few times, turn off the fire.

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