Recipe: Pea jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea jelly


This is a cool appetizing, hand-made Chinese cold dish. Whether it is a staple food, a side dish, a seasoning or a dish decoration, it is done by hand. Speaking of jelly, it is a big love for many people, and there are all kinds of practices and eating methods throughout the country.



  1. Put cold water in the pot, pour in the pea powder, stir evenly, cook on the boil, stir while cooking, wait until the powder water starts to thicken, then use a small fire and continue to cook while stirring.

  2. The powder water is thicker and more transparent during the cooking process. It is white translucent paste. Wait until the “paste” is boiled and continue to cook for a while. Turn off the fire, pour it into a container, etc.

  3. After completely cooling and solidifying, it is buckled on the plate, then scraped into strips with 'twist', plus all the seasonings and side dishes, stir well and eat.

  4. Ginger and garlic are peeled and cut into ginger and garlic;

  5. From the oil pan, fragrant garlic, simmered in the simmered bean paste, add ginger and sauté, add garlic and soy sauce and sugar, sprinkle with Shaoxing and stir-fry the scent, use raw powder to thicken, add a little sesame oil to turn off the fire. After cooling, it can be used as a seasoning for jelly.

  6. Garlic bean curd sauce is the soul of many seasonings of pea jelly. Without it, the taste of this pea jelly suddenly loses a lot.


1. The ratio of pea flour to water is 1:10 2. The pea powder is easy to precipitate and separate from the water, so it must be stirred while cooking during the cooking process, otherwise it will be bottomed. 3. If there is no spinner, you can cut the jelly with a knife. The toughness of the jelly that is not clear can be insufficient, so it is necessary to wait for the jelly to cool down and then cut/scrape. The scraped cold powder can be used to put bubbles in cold water. Generally, as long as it is not maliciously destructively stirred, it will not be broken. 4. Seasoning and side dishes, please adjust according to your taste. 5. Pea powder and spinners are available on omnipotent TB

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