Recipe: Pea cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea cake


Recently fascinated with pea products. Unexpected green peas can make so many delicious Chinese pastries



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Soak the dried peas for one night and put enough water

    Soak the dried peas for one night and put enough water

  2. Put the peas and water into the pot and cook. Cook until the peas can be crushed by hand. Note that it is easy to pour the pot when cooking peas, so it is best to keep an eye on it.

  3. Add the cooked peas and the right amount of water, add the sugar, put them into the cooking, stir the water, add the appropriate amount of water, add less and the bean paste is not delicate enough, affecting the taste. If the water is added more, the conversation will be more when the sauce is fried. time

  4. Pour the beaten bean paste into the pot, add a small piece of butter to the pot, and stir with a spoon. This process is the most time consuming. It will be fine after you have fry a non-stick paste. At this time, the bean paste is relatively dry, and it can be poured out by gently shaking the pot, and the pot will not remain.

  5. After the bean paste is slightly cold, take a small piece, wrap it in peanut butter, and put it into a mold to press it.

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