Recipe: Patterned tea egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Patterned tea egg


I had an occasional chance to see a good-looking egg. I always thought about doing it myself. Now I have the opportunity to do it myself. This is the first time I made a tea egg, and it was the first time I made a pattern.



  1. Cook the eggs first, cook for 7.8 minutes, and don't burst. After cooking, let cool and dry.

  2. The leaves are stained with water on the eggshell (if the shell is peeled, the selected leaves must be edible, wash it), wrap it in gauze (the bag is tight, don't let the egg move, or the pattern won't come out ), tied with yarn

  3. Put the star anise, cinnamon, tea, soy sauce, egg, salt into the pot, then put the water, the water should not be over the egg, cook for about 15 minutes, it is best to soak for one night after cooking (the longer the soaking time, the more delicious, I soak Two days and two nights)

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