Recipe: Pastoral vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Pastoral vegetables


Colorful vegetables, including mushrooms, straw mushrooms, broccoli, pumpkins, carrots, yuba, and saints. In fact, to make such a variety of vegetables, it is not necessary to stick to the ingredients, but to follow the family's likes. And choose different vegetables, of course, the most ideal is to choose different colors of vegetables, so that the color is bright, more people have the effect of wide appetite. Cook a variety of vegetables together, one can absorb a variety of different vitamins and nutrients, how good.



  1. Carrot peeled and cut flowers; fresh mushrooms are cleaned and cut into thick slices; yuba is soaked in warm water until soft, cut into segments, broccoli is cleaned and cut into small pieces, pumpkin peeled and cut into thick slices; Half cut; the holy fruit is cleaned and cut in half; the garlic is cut into minced garlic

  2. Put the garlic in the Taji pot, do not cover it, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, burst the fragrance

  3. Put broccoli, carrots, straw mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, pumpkins into the Taji pot, topped with the right amount of salad oil

  4. Add 20ml oyster sauce

  5. Mix all the materials evenly

  6. Cover and put in the microwave, high fire for 3 minutes

  7. Take out the Taji pot, put in the yuba, the saint fruit, transfer the appropriate amount of salt, mix evenly, and continue to cover. Cover, put in the microwave, high fire for 2 minutes

  8. After baking, mix all the ingredients with chopsticks.


If you don't have a Taji pot, use a container that can be placed in a microwave oven, cover the plastic wrap for the microwave oven (remember to put a few holes on the wrap film) or cover it. You can also use the microwave oven to make a delicious and fast garden. Mixed vegetables.

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