Recipe: Pasta with tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with tomato sauce


I love to eat noodles, all the faces are loved, and the pasta can not be missed. Pasta, like rice noodles, is a non-digestible food, so it won't gain weight while wrapping the belly. It looks more suitable for me than the Chinese rice noodle~ I have recently eaten instant noodles for a few days at home, and I really want to vomit. So I made up my mind and decided to work hard to get myself down. The udon noodles that got up early yesterday morning, this time, save time, mix with assorted vegetable sauce, and then a fruit salad, even if it is a meal. At noon, I used a bread machine to make a good noodle. My mother helped the fried black bean tofu stuffing and wrapped the small steamed buns. In the evening, I collected a large tomato, a small onion from my grandmother's house, went home and fried a tomato sauce, and ate a pasta. Haha, this time is fun! ~ In the next few days, prepare to take the time to pack the small frozen refrigerator, and cook with it. The instant noodles are definitely not to eat any more.



  1. Heat the pan, pour the butter quickly, add olive oil after melting

  2. Sauteed with minced garlic and onion

  3. Add the tomato diced, stir well, add basil and black pepper and simmer for about 10 minutes. Add salt and cook until the soup is thick.

  4. After the water in the pot is opened, add a teaspoon of cooking oil and salt, pour the noodles and cook for 15 minutes.

  5. Pasta dish, pour in tomato sauce, sprinkle some cheese powder, OK

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