Recipe: Pasta with tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with tomato sauce


Pasta is simple and delicious, and sauce is the key. The person who invented the minced meat and the tomato is really amazing~ too delicious!



  1. Boil a tomato to peel diced, fat, lean meat, mushrooms and diced;

  2. Pour the oily musk lard, fry the lean meat, discharge the wine, soy sauce, salt sugar to taste;

  3. After the pork is discolored, put in the tomatoes, add a small bowl of water, not too much, the tomatoes will have a lot of water, put a small spoonful of sugar and some pepper, (if possible, add whipped cream, make creamy tomato sauce) myself Add some milk and taste very good, stew for 5~10 minutes on low heat;

  4. The time of stew is used to cook noodles, simmer the broccoli, and serve for replacement;

  5. After pouring the juice and pouring it on the surface, it is delicious!


If you have the conditions when you cook, you can add whipped cream to make a creamy tomato sauce. I added some milk and it tastes good.

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