Recipe: Pasta with tomato and egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with tomato and egg


Because our family doesn't have so much condiments, we made a pasta with tomato and egg, which is easy to make and tastes great! ! !



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the onion into cubes

    Cut the onion into cubes

  2. Chop the tomatoes for use

  3. Boil the water and boil it into the pasta. Cook for about 10 minutes (I like to eat soft). Cook and remove.

  4. Another pot of hot oil to fry the eggs, stir fry the eggs, put the fried eggs out of spare, do not put oil directly into the pot with scrambled eggs, pour the onions and stir fry, stir the flavor and then pour Tomatoes, stir-fry the tomatoes into the juice to add pepper, tomato sauce, salt chicken essence (less put) continue to stir fry, and finally pour the cooked pasta into it, stir fry evenly! ! !


According to personal taste, if you like to eat sour, put more tomatoes; if you like to eat dessert, put more ketchup, pepper can put more, I don't like to eat too much oil, cooked noodles are not put oil……

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