Recipe: Pasta with sesame and arugula

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with sesame and arugula


Very classic pasta, full of garlic. Start with recipes and make up the map later.



  1. Garlic olive oil: Garlic chopped, pour in the right amount of olive oil, sealed and preserved. It can be used the next day and can be stored for 2-3 weeks. It can be replaced by ordinary olive oil.

  2. Put a proper amount of water in a deep pot, add two drops of olive oil after boiling, add appropriate amount of salt (10 g of salt in 1 L of water); pour in pasta and cook for 6 minutes on high heat (1-2 minutes less than the time on the package).

  3. Slice the garlic, dry the pepper to the head, remove the seeds, and wash the arugula to the stem.

  4. Put the right amount of olive oil in the wok, turn off the small fire, add the garlic slices and peppers, until the garlic slices turn golden brown, remove the garlic slices and set aside. PS: Garlic tablets can be discolored, and will be deepened after the pan.

  5. Add the pasta and a spoonful of noodle soup in the wok, sauté the black pepper and fry until the sauce is emulsified.

  6. Place the pasta in a plate, sprinkle with arugula, and garnish with garlic.

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