Recipe: Pasta with peas in tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with peas in tomato sauce


In fact, I want to cook a regular pasta and eat it casually~ I have a good time to put the pea sprouts. After the blue record, the next step is to buy a pea seedling and then lick it again~~



  1. Cut the tomato into small pieces, ham slices (the square legs are definitely more than the ham sausage, the home only has the ham sausage to make up - if there is that kind of smoked sausage, it is even better)

  2. Pasta according to the time of the instructions to cook 8 minutes cooked.. If the instructions are cooked for 8 minutes, then cook for about 6 minutes.

  3. In the process of cooking noodles, you can stir-fry the vegetables. A little olive oil in the pot is used to sauté the garlic. After about 5 seconds, the ham is stir-fried for about 10 seconds, then poured into the tomato and stir-fried for about 10 seconds. If you don't like too much acid, you will have less tomato sauce. Turn the simmer over the juice and pour the pasta into the mixture.

  4. The pasta does not need to drain the water. When the pasta is stirred, the pea sprouts can be placed in the pasta water and boiled and directly put in the wok and stirred together.

  5. Add salt, pepper (may be a little more), stir well, then simmer for a while and let the sauce penetrate into the noodles. . Turn off the fire and pan a little cheese or cheese powder... After the blue, I have cheese, I will.

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