Recipe: Pasta with miso

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with miso


I ate cold medicine in the morning, I couldn't open my eyes, I was sober when I was asleep, so I had this bowl of noodles. The sleek noodles are served with fragrant miso sauce, served with crispy cucumber, and the snoring is a bowl. The classmate who wants to eat noodle soup waits for me to put a version of the Sichuan miso sauce next time.



  1. Pasta cooked until the break, pick up, mix with olive oil, spare.

  2. Cucumber shredded, pork chopped, ginger diced, garlic chopped into velvet, spare.

  3. Heat the pan and pour in a little more oil than usual. Turn off the oil after cooking.

  4. After 10 seconds, pour in the ginger and bean paste and saute the meat.

  5. Open the medium and small fire stir fry, the meat is discolored and spread out, then pour into the soy sauce and continue to stir fry.

  6. When you hear the meat in the pot has a slight frying sound, add the sweet noodle sauce, stir fry quickly, turn off the heat when the color is slightly deeper, add the MSG and mix well.

  7. Stir the garlic, cucumber and fried miso with pasta.


PS: 1. When cooking pasta, put more salt in the pot and taste it;  2, there are a lot of miso sauce dumplings in the refrigerator, and then take it out when you eat it next time. With noodles with rice and steamed buns, even for cooking, such as minced tofu, ants on the tree, and so on.  3, the pure lean meat I use today, only this at home. Pork belly will be much more than pure lean meat!  4, bean paste I use Juancheng, sweet noodles with musk, there will be differences in the taste of other brands, people who have tried will know.

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