Recipe: Pasta with green sauce and crabmeat

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with green sauce and crabmeat


Crab girl's crab recipe series officially opened~



  1. Take a shuttle crab (preferably take fresh, if not, freeze it), steam on the steamer for about 10 minutes, steamed, chopsticks or other tools to remove the crab, wash the crab cover (for concave shape)

  2. Take a wide-mouth cauldron, put in a small amount of salt after boiling, and put the pasta in a fan shape. After the softened portion of the pasta is softened, the whole surface will gradually disappear into the water, so don't rush to press the whole noodles. Into the water, so that the face will hurt

  3. Heat the pan over low heat and add a small piece of butter to melt. Add the crab meat and fry it, sprinkle with a little white wine, and add the cooked pasta to stir fry.

  4. Turn off the heat, add two tablespoons of basil green sauce and mix evenly. According to Rab, the green sauce can't be heated, otherwise it will turn black.

  5. After mixing well, the plate can be placed, the front end of the pasta is placed in the shape of two crab claws, and then the crab shell can be placed on the pasta surface.

  6. Sprinkle a little parsley according to personal preference, or put a hearty egg

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