Recipe: Pasta with cuttlefish sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with cuttlefish sauce


Rich in potassium - [squid juice], once eaten this [squid sauce pasta] in the western restaurant, I tried it at home DIY today, so simple and save money. The combination of cuttlefish sauce and food has recently become the darling of the Japanese table. What's more interesting is that cuttlefish juice is also used to make computer LCD screens and dark brown paints. The cuttlefish juice contains protein and potassium, and also contains an amino acid called lysozyme. It has strong antiseptic ability and has a good effect on cancer, arteriosclerosis, stroke, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.



  1. Cut squid, soak in white wine, put in cuttlefish sauce

  2. Mix in 1 step and marinate for 10 minutes.

  3. Hot pot of cold oil into garlic and musk

  4. Add the onion granules and continue to stir until all are soft.

  5. Pour in the sauce

  6. Heat the medium and small fires while blending the ingredients

  7. Add white wine and squid rings with cuttlefish sauce

  8. Change to a small fire and continue to heat, put the right amount of black pepper, salt

  9. Finally, pour in the cooked squid sauce and mix well, turn off the heat. Plate, a little celery leaves as an embellishment

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