Recipe: Pasta with curry

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with curry


[Curry Pasta] mixed with Southeast Asian flavors. As long as you follow the steps step by step, the novice will also fail, let your home become an Italian restaurant. Sleek pasta with thick curry sauce, not only the western style, but also the exotic temptation, long-lasting aftertaste...



  1. Prepare raw materials

  2. Cut all the raw materials, don't break the chicken, and the small ones are good.

  3. Pour the olive oil into the pan. (At this time another pot can start cooking)

  4. Fried sauteed onion

  5. Add chicken meat

  6. Add garlic and stir fry

  7. Continue to add other ingredients, carrot and parsley, to stir fry

  8. Add the boiled water to the right amount

  9. Add the curry block and turn off the fire

  10. After the curry block is melted, open the medium heat and cook the soup thick.

  11. Cooked spaghetti

  12. Pour into the curry sauce pot, turn off the heat, and mix well.


1. Spaghetti, you can choose the shape of the long, or other shapes you like. 2. If you cook long pasta, you need to cook in a deep pot. 3. Usually after a large amount of water boils, add salt and a few drops of olive oil. (You can feel the salty taste in hot water with your tongue) 4. Cook until the noodle teeth, with a thin core in the middle, mix well with the sauce.

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