Recipe: Pasta with avocado shrimp and cuttlefish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with avocado shrimp and cuttlefish


Take a bunch of pasta and avocado and consume it slowly.



  1. Add the boiled pasta to the hot pot, add the appropriate amount of salt and olive oil, cook for about 8 minutes, pay attention to stir from time to time to prevent the stick, cook the cold water, drain the water for use.

  2. Shrimp washed wine, salt, black and white pepper powder for a while and cooked for later use. Wash other vegetables, cut the small tomatoes and cut the small pieces of avocado.

  3. Heat in a non-stick pan, pour a little olive oil, fry the shrimp and asparagus, pour in a little white wine vinegar and stir it. Pour the other ingredients into the pan and mix well before serving. Sprinkle with seasonings and start!

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