Recipe: Pasta sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta sauce


The sauce of the spaghetti bolognese is often made by yourself. It can be used as a pasta sauce. It can also be used for pizza or direct bibimbap. The following materials can be considered as three-person



  1. Prepare to cut the onion and peel the tomato (the tomato juice inside does not fall off)

  2. Hot pot, put a little cooking oil in the pot, then let the butter melt

  3. When the butter is completely melted, pour it into the onion. After about 10 seconds, you can put in the minced pork and stir fry (fire).

  4. Wait until the minced pork is a little white and pour into the peeled tomato block (middle fire)

  5. After the tomato pieces are mostly 'melted', they are poured into tomato sauce (medium fire).

  6. Stir fry while frying, to prevent the meat on the bottom of the pot from scorching, because you can't see it. Then put sugar and salt, you can add it yourself and taste it according to your own taste.

  7. When the taste is almost the same, the juice is collected. Don't be too dry. It is more sticky.

  8. Finally, this sauce can be mixed with pasta, mixed rice, pizza smeared, etc.


I used a canned imported peeled tomato. There was a lot of water in it, so I didn't add water from start to finish. If I used tomato, I would like to put a bowl of water in the fourth step. And if there is more, do not dump, put it in the refrigerator, do not use a microwave oven when you eat the next day, it is best to cook in a pan, add half a bowl of water, burn to juice

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