Recipe: Pasta based ketchup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta based ketchup


The tomato sauce is the must-have tomato sauce ~~~ I have been refrigerated for half a month without pressure. If you want to save the frozen food for a longer period of time, freeze it and freeze it. And think about going directly to the supermarket to buy a bottle of pasta tomato sauce 250g less said more than 20, and at home to do cheap and healthy and no added! The finished formula is about 250g~



  1. The soup pot is burned on the water stove (visually the amount of water that has not passed the tomato). The ingredients are ready for weighing. Onion, garlic chopped, tomato top cross knife to be used

  2. After the water is boiled, the tomato is boiled for 2 minutes, and the cold water is removed to cool, peeled and chopped (like the delicate taste and the mixer is used to make the mud).

  3. Put the oil into the oil and heat it to the middle of the fire and sauté the garlic. Turn the small fire into the onion and fry until the water is simmered.

  4. Into the tomato and all other seasonings, stir well and boil over low heat until stewed until the water is gradually getting a sticky sauce.


1. If you don't have a blender and want a delicate taste, you can cook the tomato for a while and cook it softly. Then put the tomato cube into the sieve and use a shovel to sift the sieve to make the tomato delicate. 2, the amount of sugar, salt, black pepper can be tasted according to personal taste, put it a little more than just feel that it is just right. 3. If you add the cheese and mix well before the pan, it is cheese ketchup.

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