Recipe: Passion fruit soaked melon

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit soaked melon


The appetizer of "passion fruit soaked melon" is tasted in a restaurant opened by a foreigner when traveling through Laos. The taste is very evocative! After soaking with passion fruit and sour plum, winter melon is sweet and sour, and the melon is fresh and crisp. After the tasting, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the taste is very similar to the cantaloupe in Xinjiang. It’s a treat to taste it before a meal with no appetite!



  1. Peel the melon with the seeds, remove the inner capsule, and cut into small pieces.

  2. Water the melon for 5 seconds, immediately rinse with cold water and drain

  3. Take the passion fruit juice, add the appropriate amount of cold water to the melon and passion fruit juice, sour plum, salt, rock sugar, soak for 1 day, then serve.

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