Recipe: Passion Fruit Mousse Cake (8 inch round)

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion Fruit Mousse Cake (8 inch round)


Grizzly good made



  1. Hurricane cake A practice: 5 eggs, egg yolk and egg white separation, egg white spare, add egg yolk, 30 g sugar, 40 g salad oil and 50 g milk evenly, pour 85 g flour, stir well

  2. After 5 egg whites and 30 grams of sugar, add 30 grams of sugar and continue to send to the wire vertical

  3. Pour the 1/2 egg white that has been sent well into the first step, cross the stirring method, stir evenly, then pour the remaining egg white, stir evenly.

  4. Oven 165-170 degrees, after preheating, bake for 40-50 minutes

  5. Mousse Cake B: Cut the prepared hurricane cake into three pieces, go to the side, take two softer cakes, and make a cake.

  6. Dig out about 10 passion fruit flesh (about 250-300 grams), crush with a blender, filter the juice, add 70 grams of sugar and 10 grams of rum, mix well

  7. 30 grams of water and 90 grams of sugar are mixed evenly, boiled into syrup, 2 protein whites are sent to the vertical after drawing, while the egg white is sent, and the syrup is quickly poured into the good egg white, and the protein cream continues to be sent.

  8. 3.5 pieces of gelatin tablets are soaked in water, drained and added to the puree of step six, heated by water until the gelatin tablets melt and stir evenly

  9. 300 grams of cream plus 10 grams of sugar, sent to the cream is slow to flow (this one imagines)

  10. Pour the puree into the meringue, stir well, then pour in the cream, stir well

  11. Loading the mold: Put a layer of cake, pour the liquid into the second piece, then put the second piece of cake, and finally pour the remaining liquid into the mold, vibrate the mold to prevent air in the mold, to ensure The liquid level is flat and placed in the refrigerator for one hour.

  12. Jelly mirror C production: Dig out the three passion fruit flesh, take a small amount of fruit seeds for use, and use the mixer to break. After filtering the juice, 1.5 pieces of gelatine tablets are softly drained, with spare fruit seeds, 80 g water. 20-30 grams of sugar, pour into the juice, heated by water until the gelatin tablets melt

  13. Remove the cake from the refrigerator, slowly pour the jelly liquid into the surface of the cake that has solidified, and put it in the refrigerator.

  14. After 3-4 hours, remove the cake and blow it on the outside of the mold with a hair dryer until the mold can be removed and finally decorated with fruit.


Fruit bauble on the cake

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