Recipe: Passion fruit mousse cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit mousse cake


Passion fruit is grown on a vine plant native to the tropics of the Americas and has the reputation of “king of juice”. It is also common in Africa, Australia and Malaysia. The fresh fruit is shaped like an egg. The color of the juice is similar to that of egg yolk, so it is called “egg fruit”. Its fruit is sweet and sour, with rich flavor and pleasant aroma. I always wanted to make a dessert with passion fruit, because I like it very much. In many fruits, it is the only fruit that makes me fascinated by the smell. In fact, I will add some passion fruit juice to the recent dessert. Because of the sour feeling, it can greatly reduce the sweetness, and it has a lot of fruit aroma, it will use its charming taste to seduce everyone who tastes it~ plus the passionate color of passion fruit itself, Using it to make desserts, it is conceivable that both taste and color are quite attractive. Passion fruit mousse cake (small mousse ring 6 quantities)



  1. Almond powder, powdered sugar, and low-powder are mixed and sieved twice for use. The whole egg liquid is insulated and sent to thick.

  2. Add salt to the crude foam, add sugar to neutral foam

  3. Mix 1/2 protein cream with whole egg paste and mix evenly

  4. Add the powder that has been sieved in advance and mix gently

  5. Add the remaining protein cream and mix it evenly.

  6. Take a spoonful of batter and mix well with melted butter

  7. Pour back into the batter and mix well

  8. Pour into the baking sheet of the tarpaulin, smooth it, shake a few bubbles, and draw a line with chocolate sauce.

  9. Preheat the oven for 220 minutes and bake for about 10 minutes. Remove and let cool, tear off the tarpaulin, cut off the uneven edge, and cover with plastic wrap.

  10. The passion fruit is cut in half, the flesh is taken, and the blender is whipped into the juice.

  11. Filter and filter out excess seeds. The gelatin tablets are softened by ice water and drained.

  12. Heat the passion fruit juice insulation water, put in the drained gelatin tablets, and mix until dissolved

  13. Allow ice to cool off

  14. Light cream is served slightly

  15. Making Italian protein cream

  16. Add a large spoonful of brandy to the cool passion fruit juice and mix

  17. Mix a few times of passion fruit juice with Italian meringue and mix evenly

  18. Mix well with the light cream

  19. The prepared almond sponge cake was cut into several long triangles of 2cm*4.5cm* mold circumference, and the bottom of the cake was made by pressing a circular shape with a diameter of 4.5 m. The drop shape directly cuts a rectangle with a diameter of 4.5 cm.

  20. Put in the mold, spare

  21. Pour half of the passion fruit mousse into the mold, add the blueberry and syrup cherries washed and dried, then pour the remaining mousse into the mold, leave a gap of 0.5cm, refrigerate until solidified

  22. Mix the ingredients in the topping of passion fruit, simmer until mashed

  23. Let it cool with ice water

  24. Pour on the mousse surface to freeze to solidify


Tips: * The whole egg liquid is hit until the eggbeater is lifted, and the thick egg yolk drops and will disappear after a few seconds. * I use a commercially available ready-made chocolate sauce, put it in a flower bag, and cut a small mouth to squeeze the surface of the cake. * Baking temperature depends on the individual oven. After inserting the toothpick, there is no sticky thing. Mousse Tips: * Passion fruit is whipped with the seeds and filtered again to get more and more delicious passion fruit juice. *Italian protein cream practice reference here * Passion fruit juice should be cooled to below 20 °C and mixed with Italian protein cream. * The whipped cream is slightly scented and there is some flow. Topping Tips: * The specific cutting method of the sponge cake depends on the shape of the respective mold. * Finally, you can put some fruit decoration on the surface.

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