Recipe: Passion fruit lemon

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit lemon


Passion fruit lemon is one of the most classic drinks. Passion fruit can refresh the wine, and those who drink alcohol can drink a little. Lemon can be whitening, girls and boys who love skin can also drink. Adding two fruits together is a perfect match! (Note: Passion fruit must be cooked thoroughly, people who do not choose passion fruit look here: the skin is crumpled is the sweet passion fruit.) Love you, let's do it!



  1. Wash the passion fruit, then cut the passion fruit and put the pulp in the cup.

  2. Then slice the lemon.

  3. Then pour warm water into the cup (if you want to raise the face, put warm water, if it is not beauty, put it in normal temperature, you can also put it in the refrigerator to freeze it).

  4. Finally, add a drop of honey just fine (you can put a little more on beauty).


1. The effect of lime may not be so good, girls who love beauty can not add lime. 2.null no

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