Recipe: Passion fruit jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit jelly


Science is coming! Edible: Passion fruit is also called passionflower. The fruit is rich in aroma, sweet and sour, can stimulate the thirst, refreshing the mind, can increase appetite after eating, promote the secretion of digestive gland, and help digestion. Try to make a sweet and sour jelly after reading it! Absolute lazy practice!



  1. The gelatin is soaked in water and softened for use.

  2. Passion fruit is cut, the pulp is dug out and placed in a heated cup.

  3. Add the right amount of sugar and pour in hot water. (The degree of sourness and sweetness personally like, I try to call out the right sweetness)

  4. Add the gelatin tablets and stir until melted.

  5. The liquid is placed in cold water and stirred constantly. When there is resistance during agitation, it can be transferred to the pudding mold!

  6. Put the refrigerator to cool and shape, and finally use it.


Generally, a piece of gelatin is about 2.5 grams, and 80 grams of liquid can be added. It can be used for Q-bomb, 100 grams of liquid, but after 12 grams, the Q degree and elasticity will be weaker! Everyone pays attention!  Make beautiful jelly, demoulding is very important, I sit a few seconds of warm water and then buckle down, the principle is the same as the frozen cheesecake demoulding, can not sit for too long, or else melt! This is Hui's little coup, welcome other small demons to share with me!

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