Recipe: Passion fruit hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit hurricane


Passion fruit, also known as passion fruit/passion fruit, is used in drinks. It is called the “king of juice”. The sweet and sour taste of the fruity and unique flavor is very popular. Try to make it light and light. The soft and moist hurricane blend adds a unique aroma of passion fruit and a wonderful taste to the original taste of the 7 winds! The following dosages are suitable for the 6-inch hurricane mold when used around 1h, and the juice version of the passion fruit hurricane cake. Please refer to:



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1, send a good protein paste to lift up the erect small hook to achieve dry foaming to enter the next step; 2, mixed protein yolk paste with a combination of cutting techniques can also be marked "Z" / "8" words Never do not circle 噢 to prevent defoaming; 3, should be reversed immediately after baking. Cooling can be used to release the mold.

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