Recipe: Passion fruit heavy cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit heavy cheesecake


Like the taste of passion fruit! Six inch live bottom die



  1. Digest 100g of biscuits into small pieces and beat them into a powder with a cooking machine. Without a cooking machine, put the biscuits into a thick fresh-keeping bag, press them into a powder with a rolling pin, and put them into the pots for use.

  2. 50 grams of butter is cut into small pieces, melted into a liquid layer by water, poured into digestive biscuits, mixed well, poured into a mold, pressed and compacted with a mud or a spoon, and placed in a refrigerator for free use.

  3. Passionia 3 cut, remove the flesh, put it into the cooking machine to break, filter, remove the coarse core, without the cooking machine can put the passion fruit pulp into the net sieve, use a small spoon to press the juice clean, go to the core, take the juice to be use.

  4. 250 grams of cream cheese softens at room temperature, add 60 grams of fine sugar, use an electric egg beater to reach a smooth and particle-free state, if the room temperature is low, you can heat it with water.

  5. Add an egg, mix thoroughly with cream cheese, add a second, and mix until fully mixed.

  6. Add 50 grams of milk, whipped evenly, add passion fruit juice, whipped evenly, sift into 15 grams of corn starch, mix it with the egg beater first, then whipped evenly.

  7. Oven 160 degree preheating

  8. A layer of tin foil is placed on the bottom of the mold to prevent the bottom from entering the water and the cake paste is poured into the mold.

  9. Place the hot water on the baking tray, place it on the lower layer of the oven, place the grill on the baking tray, place the mold on the grill, or use the grill. Place the mold directly in the baking tray and heat it at 160 degrees for 1 hour. The surface of the baked cake is golden yellow.

  10. Baked cake, put it in the refrigerator for four hours, release the mold.

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