Recipe: Passion fruit cheese mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Passion fruit cheese mousse


For the long time, the passion fruit cheese mousse cake is the one with the highest flop rate, because the birthday cake will always take care of the elderly and children at home, so matcha, chocolate, or those with wine. Not suitable. I personally like passion fruit, passion fruit, and cheese is refreshing and not sweet. And the beige color is very suitable for all kinds of styling.



  1. Soften the cream cheese, add 30g of fine sugar and whipped until smooth and no granules. Add 90g of milk in portions, whipped evenly and add it next time, so it is not easy to produce granules. Finally, add 30ml of passion fruit juice.

  2. 125g whipped cream + 10g fine sugar is distributed to 6-7, and it has a grainy but flowable state and is put back into the refrigerator for refrigeration;

  3. 7 grams of fish gelatin powder + 35 grams of milk soaked in soft water, melt in warm water, add 1 cheese passion fruit paste, add a small amount, stir and add the next time, so it is not easy to form particles;

  4. Mix the whipped cream in 2 times with 3 (Mousse with mixed fish gelatin)

  5. A layer of cake, a mousse, a layer of fruit, a layer of cake, and then a layer of mousse. Refrigerate in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours, or refrigerate overnight. Use a hair dryer to blow around, you can release the mold smooth, and carry out a variety of silk decoration!


1. If the weather is cold, you must first send the light cream to the spare. Because the fish gelatin powder is poured into the mousse paste, it will condense at room temperature. The cream and mousse must be stirred quickly. 2. If the mousse is mixed with cream After the state is relatively hard, you can sit in warm water and stir quickly, until the texture is low, it can disappear in 5-6 seconds, so that the surface of the mousse liquid will be smooth and smooth after the mold is introduced. Similarly, if the mousse is too thin, please Put the refrigerator into a thick paste and pour it into the mold. Otherwise, the cake will float.

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