Recipe: Parsley fried noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Parsley fried noodles


I wanted to make fried bean sprouts, but I didn’t have bean sprouts at home, I used to make parsley. I didn't expect the taste to be better than the bean sprouts, and eating more celery is good for the body. Put a little bit of loofah, you may as well, when you go out to order the leek, it is better to eat, because my husband likes leek, hehe



  1. Put the noodles in the pot and cook soft

  2. Slice the pork loin and cut into strips, add a little salt, cooking wine, and marinate, so that the fried pork will not be tired.

  3. Wash the parsley and cut it, cut the leeks, and the loofah can be used. I put a little less.

  4. Hot pot, put oil, put in pork loin marinated for ten minutes, stir-fry into a pot

  5. Once again, put the chopped green onion when the oil is hot, add the parsley after sauteing. Stir fry, you can add a little soy sauce


Celery is good for people, can be cold or hot. The noodles are entrained with the scent of this parsley. It’s really a meal, and my husband likes to eat. Using a mobile phone, it’s not very good, it’s dark, huh, huh, but it’s delicious, you can try it.

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