Recipe: Parent-child rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Parent-child rice bowl



  1. Wash the chicken legs, peel off the fat, remove the bones and tendons

  2. Cut the chicken leg into small pieces

  3. Put the salt, allspice, cooking wine, starch in the marinade, mix well and marinate for about 30 minutes.

  4. Beat the egg into the bowl, use the chopsticks to break the egg yolk, stir it twice, don't stir it too much.

  5. Wash the onion, shred

  6. Put the salt, chicken essence, sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce in the bowl, add half a bowl of boiling water, stir well to make the seasoning juice

  7. Pour a little oil into the wok, add the marinated chicken leg meat, stir fry a few times, and the flesh color will turn white.

  8. Pour a little oil into the frying pan, add one-third of the allspice, one-third of the onion, stir fry a few times until the onion is slightly soft.

  9. Put in one-third of the chicken leg meat, stir fry, pour in one-third of the seasoning sauce, cook for 1 to 2 minutes on high heat until the chicken leg is cooked and bloodless.

  10. Pour one-third of the egg liquid

  11. Cook for another 1 minute or so, depending on the state in which the egg liquid is basically solidified and flows slightly.

  12. Use a large bowl to hold the right amount of rice, gently pour the fried chicken leg with a shovel into the bowl, and then add a little parsley. Repeat steps 8-12 and do the same for 2 bowls.


1. The amount in the recipe is 3 servings. You can adjust the dosage according to the number of people at a time. 300 grams of chicken leg meat is net, the original weight of chicken legs is about 430 grams, and the weight after removing the skin, fat, bones and tendons is about 300 grams. 2, first pickle the meat to add more flavor, the meat is also tenderer. Stir the egg mixture gently, so that it is yellow and white when boiling, do not completely stir like the usual scrambled eggs. 3, chicken legs are particularly easy to cook, and in order to maintain a fresh taste, it is not easy to cook for too long. 4, pour the egg liquid and cook for half a minute to 1 minute, depending on personal preference, boiled semi-cooked is a more authentic Japanese restaurant practice. If you don't like semi-cooked, you can cook until the egg is fully cooked.

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