Recipe: Parent-child

Home Cooking Recipe: Parent-child



  1. The onion is shredded, the shallots are cut into sections, and the scallion is separated from the onion leaves. Bone the chicken legs, cut into small pieces and marinate for 5 minutes with a spoonful of oil and a spoonful of soy sauce.

  2. Put the hot pot into the onion and scallions. After frying the soft onions, pour the broth, soy sauce, miso, rice wine, and oyster sauce into the pan. After boil, put the chicken leg meat and cook together.

  3. After the chicken is cooked, pour the egg into egg juice, pour it into the pot by drawing a circle, and wait until the half-cooked season to put the onion leaves. Cook the eggs in a small fire. Then quickly spread to the rice. Sprinkle Shanghai Tess.

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