Recipe: Parent-child

Home Cooking Recipe: Parent-child


I want to eat and do it. I have added my favorite seaweed silk. (Two people)



  1. Remove the chicken legs and cut into small pieces. Marinate with a little salt. Dry the mushrooms in advance, soak them in water, cut off the stalks, and cut into small pieces. Wash the onions and shred them. Add some oil and salt to the eggs. . Rice cooked

  2. Heat the pot, put some oil, then fry the chicken leg until golden

  3. Fried chicken legs are set aside

  4. The amount of the pot is hot, pour the mushrooms and onions, stir fry, add the miso and soy sauce, and then put a little water, then put the fried chicken into it.

  5. Cover the lid for three minutes, then pour in a quarter of the egg, cover and cook for two minutes. At this time, put the cooked rice in a bowl and put it in.

  6. One part) Open the lid, add a quarter of the egg liquid, cover the lid, count down for 5 seconds, open the lid, and then cover the cooked food on the prepared rice.

  7. Repeat 4-6 steps and make a second copy. Finally, tear some seaweed on it and finish it.

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