Recipe: Parent-child

Home Cooking Recipe: Parent-child


The focus of this noodle soup is a pot of chicken soup. . .



  1. Chai chicken is only half soaked in warm water and washed. Dry shiitake mushrooms are washed with warm water.

  2. Take the water in the big casserole, don't wait for the boiling, put the chicken into it after the water is hot, and then remove the gray floating foam after boiling. Put all the spices and mushrooms, wait until all the floating foam to clean, cover the pot and cover the soup, about 2.5-3 hours.

  3. After the chicken soup is cooked. Another pot of boiled water to cook the noodles, the side dish cooked to the bowl, turn off the small fire to cook the poached egg, the surface is solidified, then the pot into the bowl, add seasonings.

  4. Remove the chicken from the chicken broth, cut into a bowl, and serve with hot chicken soup. Be careful with the hot mouth!


Chicken soup can be seasoned or not. If you need to season, just add salt and white pepper.

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