Recipe: Papaya yogurt boat

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya yogurt boat


A delicious combination of delicious and unfavorable This is full of a large amount of heat of only 230 calories~~~ MM who are greedy and beautiful, learn quickly Yogurt production method:



  1. Papaya washes everything for two

  2. Take half of it, seed, and dig the papaya meat into small balls with a small spoon.

  3. Yogurt poured onto papaya

  4. Mill 1/4 of Oreo crushed and sprinkled on yoghurt papaya

  5. The rest Oreo is inserted in the yogurt

  6. carry out


Papaya 330g, after eating, the weight of the skin is 80g, so actually eat 250g papaya, which is 27 big card / 100g * 2.5 = 67 big card Yogurt 72 kcal / 100g * 1.5 = 108 kcal Oreo 500 card / 100g * 0.11 = 55 big card There is a 230-calorie boat full of papaya yogurt.

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