Recipe: Papaya yogurt

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya yogurt


Wet and soft air, warm afternoon sun, buds of old willows, spring step by step into our lives, the circle is in the weight loss topic, everyone is trying to make every effort, all kinds of food is mouth watering, If you don't have any creativity, take out the things that you can eat every day and let it dry. This is really a great drink for slimming - papaya yogurt. Certainly many people will sneer at it and say that there is something strange about it. Everyone knows that yogurt contains three kinds of probiotics, which can help gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion and protect our stomach. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat well, eat it neatly, if you want to eat well, you must have a good foundation first. What is the foundation? It’s not that you have to have a good body and a good stomach, so that you can use the things you eat in your stomach to make the best use of your health. It’s healthy and healthy. It looks like a plump, good spirit, good temperament, and weight loss. under? Haha, I’ve been around so many circles, I don’t know if I’m going around. Adding papaya pulp, it is a lot more nutritious. Papaya is not only beautiful, but many MMs definitely know its other effects. (*^__^*) Hey... You know that I know that it’s a good thing to lose weight. It’s a good thing to lose it, but it’s not good if you don’t lose it. So, you have to subtract it. Girls love fruit yoghurt. The fruit yoghurt sold in the supermarket is expensive. The small fruit is smaller than the rice granules. It is not too addictive. Now all kinds of seasonal fruits are on the market. I bought some of the fruits you love. Cut it and put it in the yoghurt, chewing the flesh, how cool it is, this weight loss is much more comfortable~ What are you waiting for, a large cup of fruit yoghurt every day, beautiful



  1. Papaya washed and diced

  2. Mix well with yogurt

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