Recipe: Papaya yam

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya yam


Papaya, yam, white fungus. They are all a nourishing good for racing. The color of this soup is so much like it, like the golden autumn, like the sunset, warm.



  1. Papaya seeded and peeled to pick up the meat, silver fungus foam spare, yam peeled and cut hob block spare

  2. Pour about 2L of water into the casserole, and let the white fungus burn like a bubble.

  3. Put the yam after the pot, the block is not too small, and the taste of eating yam after cooking is super good.

  4. Continue to pomegranate, I used a whole tree of ripe papaya

  5. If you don't like the taste of papaya, you can cook it and crush it with a spoon. If it is not pressed, the cooked papaya will be cooked and will not be scattered.

  6. After the fire is boiled, turn to a small fire for 1-2 hours, according to your own firepower. It is enough to get 1/3 of the total water. You can put it in after 1 hour. Add the rock sugar after you have finished it.


friendly reminder: 1. This soup is recommended to use a casserole to taste, the taste will be better. And it will be more viscous after a small amount of soup is removed. It is better than the rice cooker. I used the rice cooker once and simmered it. 2. I chose Mao yam, which will taste better and taste better. 3. It is recommended to find that it is better to be thinner than the one you are satisfied with. Because it will become thicker than when it is out of the pot. Papaya: Sexually flat, slightly cold, sweet. Can help digestion, but also lungs and cough. Its unique papaya enzyme can clear the heart and lungs can also help digestion and cure stomach problems. Yam: Sexual, sweet, non-toxic. Spleen and stomach, help digestion, yam contains a variety of nutrients, a strong body, benefit lung and cough, lower blood sugar, prolong life and many other benefits. Tremella: Sexual, sweet, light, non-toxic. Also known as white fungus, snow fungus, etc., has the "crown in the mushroom" reputation. It not only has the effect of replenishing spleen and appetizing, but also has the effect of clearing the intestines. It can also nourish yin and moisten the lungs. In addition, Tremella can also enhance the body's immunity, is a very good raw material into the soup.

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