Recipe: Papaya stewed ferrets

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya stewed ferrets


After browsing the methods of everyone, I have summed up a simple method, it is easy to get started, and the taste is not bad~



  1. Soak the snow in the water the night before.

  2. 捡 clean impurities and bloodshot

  3. Dig out the papaya with a spoon and put it in a bowl

  4. Add water to the stew, add a few pieces of ginger, boil, pour into the ferrets, add rock sugar

  5. After stewing for 20 minutes, remove the ginger slices, pour in the papaya, and cook for another ten minutes.


According to this amount, I can probably get a big bowl. The soup is very refreshing and has no astringency. Drinking in the summer is also a good choice. The sledge does not need to be soaked, and a good snow can be soaked a lot with just one point.

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