Recipe: Papaya sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya sago


Papaya is something I love to eat, even my husband and son do not eat, a papaya I can eat for two days, but this papaya sago dew I made two bowls, my son also ate a small bowl, the rest went into me Belly.



  1. First cook the sago: pour the sago into the boiling water pot, cook until it is translucent, remove the cold water, and pour the boiling water

  2. Pour it into the boiling water pot again, cook until it is white, and turn off the heat for 5 minutes.

  3. Remove the cold water, when the sago is basically transparent, put it on one side.

  4. Peel a quarter of papaya, cut a small half, cut a small piece

  5. Pour a large piece of papaya with a small bag of pure milk into a mixing cup, and turn on the power for 30 seconds.

  6. Pour the mixed papaya paste into the glass bowl, add the cooked sago and the small half of the papaya, and the fragrant papaya sago is ready.


It is said that after the bowel cleansing, the calcium in the body will also be lost a lot. Can you immediately make a bowl of milk papaya sago dew? Papaya has the effect of detoxification and beauty, especially with milk, and the effect of breast enhancement is remarkable. Sisters who are not enough to be full can try it out. It will be effective if they persist for a while.

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