Recipe: Papaya pig skin chicken claw soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya pig skin chicken claw soup



  1. Handle the papaya in advance, use a knife to scrape the papaya epidermis, and let the white milk slip out. This kind of papaya will not linger. Then peeled and dig the seeds, dicing

  2. Pig skin scraped off the pig hair, scraped off the white fat part, washed the chicken feet and washed

  3. Peanut washing with water for 30 minutes

  4. First, boil the water, put the chicken feet into the water, and when the chicken feet are not good, pour the pig skin into it.

  5. The chicken feet and pigskins are hardened, and the floating foam floats up.

  6. Prepare the casserole, pour the chicken feet and pig skin, papaya and peanuts into it, add half a pot of water, and slowly heat the soup for 2 hours.

  7. Season the salt before you drink the soup.

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