Recipe: Papaya peanut chicken feet soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya peanut chicken feet soup


I also forgot that this soup was a mother or an aunt. Later, when I went back to school, I also had a relationship with my roommates. They all liked it. (Important is ~~呃~~ I heard that papaya can breast, chicken feet can Leaves skin elastic) But the taste is really great! !



  1. Peanut soak for two hours

  2. Rice cooker boiled in water and put in peanuts and chicken feet

  3. After half an hour, put the diced papaya, cook for another 40%, and put a proper amount of salt.


If you like peanuts softer, you can soak them in hot water for a little longer, and you can spend a little longer. It is recommended that the salt does not need to be put a lot at a time, because papaya has a sweet taste, if it is too salty, it is not very good.

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