Recipe: Papaya mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya mousse


The papaya that can't be eaten, and the whipped cream that is hoarded, the color of the two is too soft. This is six inches. The bottom of the cake can be a hurricane cake or a digestive biscuit bottom. Digesting the bottom of the biscuit is more convenient.



  1. Bake a hurricane cake and cut out a piece of mousse. If you like the mezzanine, you can cut another piece.

  2. The papaya seeds are cleaned, the papaya pulp is dug out, and it is broken with a blender. Can be filtered without filtering. If the moisture is too large, consider filtering out some water. At this point you can start soaking the gelatin tablets. If the papaya is not sweet, you can add 15g of sugar. In fact, the sweetness can be adjusted when the cream is lightened.

  3. Drain the water of the gelatin tablets and place them in the papaya mud. Put the papaya mud on the induction cooker and heat it to melt the gelatin tablets. Do not overheat, which will affect the coagulation force.

  4. When the whipped cream is sent to the beginning, add a proper amount of condensed milk, stir well, taste the sweetness, not enough to continue to add, add to the satisfaction and continue to send, send to a state of slow flow.

  5. Mix the papaya mud with the light cream evenly. Place the hurricane bottom in the mold and slowly pour into the liquid.

  6. Lightly shake the mold, shake the bubble and put it in the refrigerator to solidify.

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