Recipe: Papaya milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya milk


Milk is a good thing, papaya is also a good thing. Although good + good is not necessarily = better, but milk + papaya is definitely worthy of your favor, moisturizing and nourishing effect is remarkable! When I came back from Hainan, I couldn’t accept the price of the fruit here. I once refused the tropical fruit. I just imagined a large papaya, a pineapple with five hairs, a mango with a strong fragrance, and a banana. ~~~~~~ However, in the last one or two years, I don’t know how to mix, papaya is cheaper, about two pounds a pound, still can afford, so I often go back and eat slowly. Raw food is a good choice, leisurely digging a little with a small spoon. However, always eat like this, it will be annoying, you have to change the pattern, try a more nutritious method! I have tried to stew papaya with milk, but unfortunately I have never liked to drink milk. I really can't stand the strong smell of milk after the high temperature. Only try a simpler way, I can't think of it, let me see the spring.



  1. First remove the papaya, use a spoon to scrape the soft part of the pulp (about 300G), (not oh oh)

  2. Put the scraped flesh into the shaker and shake it. (Nothing can be smashed with a spoon until it is made into a paste)

  3. Milk powder to water, only add 1/2 of the usual water consumption

  4. Pour the papaya pulp into the condensed milk and stir for a few times. The smell of milk is basically gone, replaced by the sweetness of papaya. In addition, it is worthy of praise, it is very much like the taste of a milkshake.

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