Recipe: Papaya milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya milk


The same principle as ginger and milk, gray and simple sweet dessert ~



  1. Papaya washed and peeled to excavate the flesh

  2. Chop the papaya pulp with a spoon and wrap the juice out with a drawer cloth

  3. Pour the milk into a large bowl and heat it in a microwave for 1 min; at this time, put the papaya juice into the mold.

  4. Take out the hot milk, put it into the mold with papaya juice, stir evenly, place it to be cool, and ok~


Other juice methods are OK, remember to filter. The papaya pulp after juicing is also delicious. Don't waste 哟(≧▽≦)/ Papaya and milk ratio 1 part papaya: 3 parts of milk, can increase the amount of papaya, but if it is less, it will not be Papaya itself is very sweet, so no sugar Do not move as much as possible after mixing well After molding, it can be moved into the refrigerator for cold storage. It tastes better~ I did a good job of demoulding, no butter on the mold.

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