Recipe: Papaya milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya milk


Papaya is a very good breast food, so it will have the reputation of breast enhancement. Papaya is rich in papaya enzymes and vitamin A, a natural hormone that promotes the development of breast cells. Papaya-rich protease also promotes the body's absorption of protein, allowing the skin's metabolism to be normal and full of elasticity. In addition, papaya is rich in papain, which not only helps the development of the chest, but also helps to lubricate the skin. The high content of vitamin C in papaya is 48 times that of apple! Plus papain helps digestion, it can remove toxins from the body as soon as possible, and it is very good for refreshing skin from the inside out. The papaya enzyme contained in papaya can promote skin metabolism, help dissolve the sebum accumulated in the pores and age keratin, making the skin look brighter and fresher! Papaya milk is often used to not only regulate the body and nourish the body, but also to make the skin look pure, delicate, fresh and healthy.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya cut, remove melon and seeds

    Papaya cut, remove melon and seeds

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Use a digging spoon to dig up the papaya ball and fill the other half

    Use a digging spoon to dig up the papaya ball and fill the other half

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Fill it with ice milk.

    Fill it with ice milk.


If the spleen and stomach are cold, you can also boil the papaya and eat it again.

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