Recipe: Papaya milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya milk


The “Papaya Milk” dessert is similar to the traditional Cantonese dessert “Ginger Milk”. This pudding taste dessert does not require coagulants such as gelatin, fish gelatin powder, agar, etc. It is formed by the chemical action of papain in papaya and protein in milk.



  1. Ready for materials

  2. Papaya seeded and excavated pulp crushed with a spoon

  3. Put the papaya into the gauze and squeeze the papaya juice by squeeze (or juice with a juicer)

  4. Pour the papaya juice into the measuring cup (half papaya I squeezed out 140ml papaya juice)

  5. Pure milk is poured into a milk pot and heated to a micro switch fire

  6. Pour 50ml papaya juice into a bowl

  7. Then pour in 80ml of hot milk

  8. Stir well, place it cool but solidify to eat


1. If you like the delicate taste, you can wrap the papaya pulp with gauze and squeeze out the papaya juice to filter out the fiber of the pulp. If you use the juice machine to break the pulp, filter it again with a strainer. 2, this dessert can be made with fresh milk and milk powder. Fresh milk should be cooked first and then mixed with papaya liquid; milk powder can be put into papaya juice and brewed with hot water. 3. The papaya juice required for each bowl should be no less than 35ml. The more papaya juice, the easier it is to condense. My bowl is 130ml, I put 50ml papaya juice and 80ml hot milk, and it tastes good. 4, the more the papaya juice is placed, the higher the success rate; the milk must be heated, the success rate is higher. 5, this dessert must be eaten now, not long-term release, long-term taste will be bitter, if you feel that it is not sweet enough to add sugar to taste, my papaya is particularly sweet, I did not put sugar.

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