Recipe: Papaya coconut milk jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya coconut milk jelly


Papaya coconut milk jelly



  1. Papaya digging the middle seed with a spoon to make papaya

  2. Coconut powder + sugar + milk stir well

  3. Add jelly powder

  4. Boil on the stove and melt until the sugar and jelly powder

  5. Let cool to not hot, pour into the papaya

  6. Put the papaya in the refrigerator and freeze until the coconut milk is frozen. Cut it into small pieces when eating.


1. Coconut powder can also be replaced with coconut milk, so that the coconut flavor is more fragrant. 2, sugar can be added according to their own preferences. 3. I use the jelly powder of Master Zhu. The amount of jelly powder used in each brand is slightly different. It can be added according to the amount on the instructions. If the jelly is not condensed, the jelly powder will be reduced. Add the appropriate amount of jelly powder and re-boil. If it feels that the jelly is too hard, then the jelly powder is put more, add some water and then boil.

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