Recipe: Papaya coconut milk jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya coconut milk jelly


If you don't want to spend too much time, don't want to buy too much ingredients, but want to surprise your baby and family, this simple, eye-catching and delicious dessert is your best choice.



  1. Put half a piece of gelatine in a soft water soaked in it (must be warm water, otherwise the gelatin tablets will melt)

  2. Wash the papaya, cut it along the neck, and pour out the papaya seeds with a small spoon (do not throw away the small cover, wait for a while)

  3. Put the soaked gelatin tablets in a small bowl and melt them in water (60 degrees water can be used, not very hot, the melting point of the gelatin tablets is not high)

  4. Mix the melted gelatin solution and coconut milk, and pour into the hollowed papaya.

  5. Cover the papaya cover that you just cut, put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours, remove it and slice it.


Like sweet, you can put some sugar in the coconut milk. If the bottom of the papaya is not flat, it can be placed in a small bowl so that it is not easy to pour. The amount of coconut milk depends on the size of papaya. I bought papaya, so I don't use much coconut milk. I only add half a piece of gelatin. If it is a large papaya, the amount of agilent tablets should be increased accordingly.

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