Recipe: Papaya Coconut Juice Sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya Coconut Juice Sago


Desserts go!go!go! Papaya Coconut Juice Sago is eaten at the Baihua Dessert Shop in Guangzhou Wenming Road. I came back and re-engraved it. The coconut juice with ice was too cool. .



  1. Boil the boiled water, add it to the simmered simmer until it has a small white spot.

  2. Remove and filter with a fine mesh, rinse with water, and cook until it is transparent (this process requires gentle stirring)

  3. Remove and filter out the transparent sago spare

  4. Papaya peeled, cut long strips for spare (lazy people directly holding 啃. You can also dig a sphere or cut a square)

  5. Take the container, put in ice cubes, pour in a box of milk, a little coconut milk, two spoonfuls of honey, add sago and papaya.


Sago is a more convenient way to cook. Because you don't want to eat too sweet, you can replace it with honey instead of sugar. Don't have fragrance.

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