Recipe: Papaya Chicken Claw Pork Bone Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya Chicken Claw Pork Bone Soup


This soup has a beauty and nourishing soup that clears the heart and moisturizes the skin. It can not only supplement the nutrients and water caused by excessive heat, but also relieve the discomfort caused by heat.



  1. Raw materials are ready (when you buy, you have already asked the merchant to smash the bones into pieces, and the chicken feet are nailed)

  2. Add the water to the pot, add the ginger and cooking wine, and put the bones and chicken feet into the water.

  3. Remove the bones and chicken feet, rinse the floating foam with water, and use it for the bowl.

  4. Papaya cleaning, peeling and nuclear cutting

  5. Put the bones, chicken feet and ginger into the pot, add some water, and add 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

  6. After the fire is boiled, use a spoon to remove the floating foam from the surface and continue to cook for 10 minutes.

  7. Put the papaya in the pot, boil and continue to cook for half an hour.

  8. Add the right amount of salt to eat


1. When you cook the soup, add a spoon of vinegar, which can help the calcium in the bones to be diluted into the soup. 2, chicken feet must go to drowning, remove the smell. 3, the amount of salt can be adjusted according to their own taste.

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