Recipe: Papaya bird's nest

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya bird's nest


Many women have a soft spot for bird's nest and use it as one of the secrets to keep their faces beautiful. Indeed, bird's nest contains hormones and epidermal growth factors that promote cell division, which can promote cell regeneration, enhance the body's immunity, restore vitality, and increase the body's ability to resist X-rays and other radiation damage. At the same time, the unique protein components and a large number of bioactive molecules of bird's nest help the growth and development of human tissues and recovery after illness. It can nourish yin, moisten dryness, nourish the skin, and can clear the heat and cure the deficiency. It is beneficial to the symptoms of long-term cough, asthma, yin deficiency and fever.



  1. The white fungus is soaked in water, stalked, and the white fungus is slightly shredded.

  2. Wash the papaya, throw it away along the quarter, remove the grain inside, wash

  3. Pour the right amount of water into the pot, dissolve the rock sugar, pour it into the white fungus, and cook until thick. At this point, there may be some dregs, which are removed together, leaving clean sugar and white fungus and poured into papaya.

  4. After the hot bird's nest is soaked in hot water, control the water and pour it into the papaya.

  5. Add water to the steamer, boil, put the papaya in, and steam for about 25 minutes. This beauty and beauty stew is ready.


Broken swallow's method of rising hair 1. Take a slightly larger porcelain basin or glass nest. First of all, be careful not to have any oil stains in the container. Put the bird's nest in, then pour boiling water into the bird's nest, so that the bird's nest can be fully saturated with water and fully absorb water until the water cools. 2. Pour out the cold water and pour it into boiling water according to Method 1 until it is cool. (At this point, you will see some swallows and black impurities mixed in the bird's nest, pick them with a small tweezers or other tools) 3. Wash the pot, do not have oil, boil the water to open, add a little ginger wine, add the bird's nest, boil. 4. Cook again with water, and the bird's nest will be finished. Don't pass the cold water at this time, put the bird's nest in the fence to make it cool naturally. 5 eat bird's nest can not be raised once to do it once, it is best to increase the amount of hair once enough to do several times. The bird's nest can be placed in a container slightly larger than its capacity, preferably a porcelain or stainless steel container. Do not add water. The container is sealed with plastic wrap and placed in the freezer of the refrigerator. (Personally think that it is more appropriate to put a good bird's nest into multiple small containers per use, so that only one amount can be taken before each use) Bird's nest is a nest of a swiftlet from the Southeast Asian sea. The bird's nest is made of mixed saliva, such as feathers, moss, and seaweed. The type of bird's nest is generally divided according to the nest built by the swiftlet growing process. The first nest of swiftlet is grayish black, with many hairs and relatively poor quality. It is called Maoyan and is often used as a swallow after processing. Or used by broken swallows. The second nest of the swiftlet grows and grows, with less hair, grayish white and good quality. We often say that the blood swallow is the third nest built by the swiftlet. At this time, the swiftlet is close to the period of labor, eager to build a nest, not only saliva, but also bloodshot in the saliva, so it is called blood swallow, the most quality it is good. These kinds of bird's nests are generally available in the market. However, as a general food supplement, it is enough to choose a broken swallow. In addition, it is highly recommended not to buy bottled sugar bird's nest sold in the market. The taste is good and bad, the key is to drink the bottom of the heart. At the same time, it is effective to keep eating bird's nest. Because it is peaceful in nature, its effect is slowly infiltrated, and you can't expect to eat it once or twice. It is recommended to eat twice a week.

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